Why Updating Game Consoles Before Christmas is a Must for Parents

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Christmas is a time of joy and excitement, especially for our children eagerly anticipating their new gifts. However if you’re planning to gift a game console this Christmas, there’s a simple yet crucial step you can take to enhance their experience: plug in and update the console before wrapping it up.

Here’s why this is a good idea:

Immediate Playtime

Imagine the joy on your child’s face as they unwrap their new game console. Now, picture that excitement dimming as they have to wait hours for updates to install. By updating the console beforehand, you ensure they can dive straight into their games, keeping the festive spirit alive!

Avoiding Overwhelming Updates

Game consoles often require substantial updates, especially if they’ve been sitting in a warehouse for a while. These updates can be time-consuming and sometimes complicated for non-tech-savvy users. Pre-updating removes this potential stressor, making the day enjoyable for everyone.

Checking for Functionality

By setting up and updating the console in advance, you can check for any potential issues. This preemptive step ensures that if there are any faults, you have time to address them before Christmas, avoiding any disappointment on the big day.

You do have batteries for the controllers, right?

Parental Controls and Safety

Pre-setting the console gives you the opportunity to configure parental controls and privacy settings. This ensures that when your child starts playing, they do so in a safe, age-appropriate gaming environment.

Game and Account Setup

Some consoles and games require account setups or additional downloads. Doing this in advance means your child won’t have to spend hours on setups and can instead enjoy gaming right away.

Smoothing Out the Learning Curve

If you’re unfamiliar with gaming consoles, this is also an opportunity for you to get a basic understanding of how the console works. This way, you can help your child navigate the new system with more confidence.

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