What is Lego Fortnite?

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“Lego Fortnite” is a collaborative venture between Lego and Epic Games, integrated within the original Fortnite game. To access it, you need to have Fortnite installed, but once set up, Lego Fortnite functions as a standalone game. Both Fortnite and Lego Fortnite are available for free via Epic Games.

Fortnite is rated T, indicating it’s designed for players aged 13 and older and may include violent content. In contrast, Lego Fortnite has an E10+ rating, signifying its appropriateness for children over 10, with content tailored to be more suitable for a younger audience. This distinction in ratings suggests that Lego Fortnite is modified to be less intense and more kid-friendly than the original Fortnite game.

“Lego Fortnite” significantly diverges from its namesake in terms of gameplay, despite being developed using the Fortnite engine. Its mechanics and playstyle are more akin to Minecraft than to Fortnite. In this game, players engage in a creative and resourceful process of gathering materials. These collected materials can then be transformed into Lego bricks, which serve as the fundamental building blocks within the game.

This system of resource collection and construction gives players a vast canvas for creativity and innovation, similar to the experience in Minecraft. Unlike Fortnite, which emphasizes combat and survival, Lego Fortnite focuses more on the creative aspect of building. Players can use the Lego bricks to construct a wide array of structures and creations, limited only by their imagination. This shift from battle-oriented gameplay to a more constructive and imaginative playstyle makes Lego Fortnite a unique experience, distinct from the original game it’s based on.

In Lego Fortnite, similar to Minecraft, there is a combat element where players encounter and battle monsters. However, the fighting style in Lego Fortnite is markedly different, adhering to the whimsical and cartoonish approach typical of other Lego-themed games. This stylistic choice is a key factor in the game’s lower age rating.

The combat in Lego Fortnite is designed to be less graphic and more playful, aligning with the overall family-friendly ethos of Lego games. This means that while there is an aspect of fighting against monsters, it is executed in a way that is visually non-threatening and humorous, as opposed to realistic or intense. The monsters themselves are likely designed with a Lego aesthetic, featuring exaggerated, blocky appearances that reduce the sense of realism and intensity found in more mature games.

This approach to combat is pivotal in making Lego Fortnite suitable for a younger audience, as reflected in its E10+ rating. The game manages to incorporate a fighting element while maintaining a light-hearted and child-friendly atmosphere. It strikes a balance between offering a sense of adventure and challenge through its combat scenarios, and ensuring that the content remains appropriate and accessible for players over the age of 10.

Find out more at https://www.lego.com/en-gb/themes/fortnite/about

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