Google Ads Grants for Charities

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Raising the awareness of a cause is crucial to how charities operate and with the help of technology, nonprofits can grow online. Google Ads is a great online marketing tool that provides almost immediate results, increases support and helps recruit new volunteers. Also, the results are measurable, almost in real time. A well optimised Google Ads account can deliver on charity’s goals.


What are Google Ads?

When someone enters a search into Google, they’re shown the websites that are deemed to be most relevant for that particular search. The websites that appear at the top of Google are generally clicked on the most, however a lot of time and budget is required to help websites reach the top positions of Google.

Google Ads allows charities to appear at the top in their Ads section, basically jumping the queue and standing out to their audience. Every time an ad is clicked on, an ad cost is deducted from the grant budget. Don’t worry though, the charity won’t accidentally incur additional costs because once the budget is used up, the ads simply stop running.


Google Ads Grant

Google Ads provides grants for charities allowing them to reach people that need their help. Charities such as foodbanks, aid organisations and other nonprofits that are crucial to communities have benefited from Google Ads Grants and have had access of up to £7,500 of free advertising per month!

Eligibility Requirements

There are certain eligibility requirements that need to be met, here’s a quick overview. Charities must:

  • Be registered as a charitable organisation.
  • Be verified as a nonprofit organisation by Google for Nonprofit’s validation partner Percent.
  • Be in good standing and meet the full eligibility requirements in their country.
  • Agree to the Google for Nonprofits Additional Terms of Service.
  • Organisations must be registered with the charity regulator in England and Wales (Charity Commission), Northern Ireland (NICC) or Scotland (OSCR); or HMRC as charitable tax-exempt charities or churches.
  • The following organisations are not eligible:
    • Governmental entities or organisations.
    • Hospitals or healthcare organisations.
    • Schools, academic institutions, or universities (Google for Education offers a separate programme for schools).

How to Apply

So, providing your charity complies with the above, you can apply for free advertising and connect with people for your charity’s mission. All the information you need is here: Good luck 😊

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