2023 Oldham College Hack

by | Apr 25, 2023 | News, Projects | 0 comments

In April we had a great day at Oldham College doing a hackathon with digital T Level students. The title was “Helping our Elderly” and it was all about using digital technology to improve the quality of life for elderly people. We asked the students to create a software solution that would have a positive impact on their lives, and they came up with some fantastic ideas!

Each team presented their concept to us and we were impressed with the high standard of their work, the problems they identified included loneliness, health problems and learning new skills.  It was difficult to choose a winner but in the end we awarded the top prize to team Eldertech for their idea to make technology more accessible for elderly people to use and enjoy.

This was our second hackathon at Oldham College and we always enjoy watching the presentations, well done to all the students and thanks to Oldham College for having us!

Written by Andy
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