Team Building – In Space!

Join us for a team building adventure in space!

Take turns in captaining a starship as it boldly travels through space, completing missions and defeating enemies.

But there is a catch, the captain has no controls, they need to complete their mission by listening to, and giving instructions to their crew. Each crew of up to 6 players consists of;

Heading and speed. Helm is responsible for getting the Artemis around and for the fancy flying that will keep her in one piece in combat.

Beam and kinetic weapons. Weapons controls the targeting and firing of ship’s weapons, including choosing whether to load the tubes with homing torps, nukes, mines, EMPs, or Pshocks, and whether to fire the beams on auto-target or to manually aim them for precision fire.

Power allocation, system status, and damage control. Engineering shapes Artemis’ power/coolant allocation for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and oversees damage management through power shunting and directing damage control teams.

Long range scanning and target analysis. Science’s sensor sweep can see at extremely long ranges and into nebulae to determine exact details of far off objects, including type, bearing, and shield frequency information.

Intelligence gathering, situational awareness, and controlling NPCs. Comms gets status information on enemy and friendly vessels, and can transmit various messages including surrender demands, production orders, status requests, and heading changes.

Work together to complete your mission, or fail to communicate and crash and burn.

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