Website Design

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From the smallest social enterprise to the largest charity every organisation needs a website, however website design is a minefield with an infinite amount of options, and a huge range in prices.

A website serves as the primary gateway for people to discover and engage with any organization. For social enterprises, whose missions often rely on community involvement and support, a website is a vital tool for increasing visibility and reaching a wider audience. It allows them to showcase their work, impact, and values to potential supporters, volunteers, beneficiaries, and partners globally.

In our 1 day website design workshops we’ll teach you how to build a website for your organisation using WordPress, the worlds most popular content management system. This software allows you to add and edit your content without ever touching any code.

We’ll also look at Domain Registration, Hosting, and the day to day management of a website.

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All our workshops and training can be tailored to your specific needs, We supply all the kit you need, and can either come to you, or you come to us.